Securing the premises and personnel is the primary responsibility of security guards. They are assigned different duties based on situations. Monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings, and protecting entry points are all part of their job duties. Ready 24h Security provides the best Security Guards Services In Los Angeles, California.

Being citizens we can’t deny the responsbilities of Security Guards. They are responsible for serveying the areas assigned to them. They keep an eagle on detecting illegal activity, suspicious behavior, or dangerous situations. Our Security Guards are responsible for reporting vandalism, presence of unauthorized persons, suspicious activities and injuries to authorities; investigating disturbances; and screening individuals, cars, baggage and personal items.

We provide both types of security guards for security guards services in Los Angeles, Unarmed and Armed. Both have different roles to perform.

If you are looking for Unarmed Security Guards Service near your location in Los Angeles, California, contact Ready 24h Security. Unarmed Security Guards will ensure safty of your property by using their skills in examining gates, doors and windows to determine their security, preparing incident reports, and observing and reporting irregularities like leaking water pipes, unlocked security doors, the presence of unauthorized persons, bomb threats, and elevator emergencies.

Armed Security Guards are highly trained because tey have to tackle more sensitive situations like theft, fire, vandalism etc. Our highly tranined officers are available 24/7 to ensure top-notch security. Some of their resposibilites are surveillance camera and security desk. They are also resposible for responding to emegency call with EMT and other law enforcement agencies to make the process smooth and fast. We provide our Armed Security Guards with extra skills by training for extra hours so that they could handle any demanding situation. Fireman are carrying specail cards that shows permission to work in such dangerous locations. 

Highly trained officers and security guards of Ready 24 Hours Security will provide you with the following services;

  • Ensuring safety 
  • Identifyig suspicious activities
  • Evicting trespassers
  • Reports preparation for suspicious activities and accidents
  • Petrolling any assigned location or area
  • Proactive in case of emergency

Why Would you Choose Us

  • 24/7 Secuiryt System
  • The best security guards service in Los Angeles, CA
  • Highly trained officers
  • Cellular phone and radio service is provided to our officers


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