Fire Watch Security Services is equally important like other types of securities in Los Angeles, California. No matter what type of business you are running you have to protect your Clients, Employees and Visitors from the threat of fire. Fire can be more deadly in multi apartment buildings and closed areas. Fire alerts, and alarm systems are means of informing you about fire threat but what if they are malfunctioning. Moreover these systems can only inform you about the threat but nothing else they can do. That is why we recommend you the Firewatcher security services in Los Angeles. And the Ready 24h Security is the way to go pick the best one. 

To ensure the security of your visitors and customers we have the best available Fire Watch Security system in Los Angeles. Our Fire Watch Security Officers and Guards will make sure that the assigned areas of the Fire Watch Facility will be patrolled. This will ensure the safety and security of clients, visitors, property, and equipment within the facility. It is the responsibility of the Fire Watch security guards to be on the lookout for any irregularities, such as security breaches, facility safety hazards, and emergency situations, and to call emergency responders as necessary, such as the police, fire department, and ambulance personnel.

According to the needs of the duty, these fire officers may be required to go to the assigned location on foot, using a bicycle, motorcycle or motor vehicle. They check the doors, windows, and gates of buildings to ensure security; use client keys to open and close buildings; monitor closed buildings for unauthorized persons and/or suspicious activities to ensure security. 


  •  Periodic checks of emergency call boxes
  • Checking of street lights
  • Checking malfunctioning of fire alerts
  • Provide specialized security in complex operational areas

 Why Ready 24h Security

  • We will provide highly trained and knowledgeable Fire Watch Security Guards and Officers.
  •  Every member of our team knows to follow street and fire marshal protocols
  •  24/7 service
  • We provide Constructional sites, industrial, schools, malls and many other building Fire Watch Security Services in Los Angeles.
Fire Watch Security Service In Los Angeles, California
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